How to Download Minecraft Shaders 1.14

This is my tutorial on how to download shaders for the newest version of minecraft. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know what shaders packs I should try out!


Top 5 Shader Packs for Minecraft

This is a list I compiled of my favorite minecraft shader packs. Shaders packs make minecraft feel like it’s almost real life. If you want to experience minecraft on a whole new level this is definitely the choice for you! Let’s get straight into my top 5 shader packs!

#1 – Optifine’s Default Shaders

Optifinie actually has built in shader settings that allows you lot’s of customization naturally in the game, This will make or break if your shaders pack is good or not because naturally the settings arn’t what you are wanting. This built in settings really frees up that slight bit of uglyness initially on the shaders packs. – Copy and go to this if you need optifine

#2 – Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders

This pack really shows its unbelievable standings for realistic. This really feels a lot like real life and has a good amount of customization to it. This is a pack that will stay up to date almost indefinitely and it definitely is one of the best looking Shaders packs in my oppinion.

#3 – Chocapic13’s Shaders

This is on the list of best shaders indefinitely for-sure. This shaders pack really is eye-catching and stuns me around every corner. It is a very dark at night being one of the darkest on the list. This may be a deal breaker for some but to me it looks amazing.

– copy link for download

#4 – Continiuum Pack

This pack is very basic, and doesn’t have any other texture packs built in. It is focused around the realistic aspect of normal graphics in minecraft. But this does have many customized things like the water and sky being a lot more realistic. Also the shading on lights like torches and glowstone really makes your builds pop.

-link for download ^

#5 – Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders

Silders is an old favorite, it is still very updated and has a lot of different options allowing it to run on slow computers. If you don’t have a fast computer this pack is definitely your best option. It’s settings are very customizable and is very easy to figure out whats working well.

Link for download ^

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How to Get an Elytra in Minecraft

Man oh man this is a hard one to achieve. This requires going to the end, if you have not yet beat the ender dragon I suggest you do that first. Once you are in the end you will find A floating portal to the second end world. This you will need ender pearls to get into, just throw it right on in the block of bedrock :

Once you have done that you will get teleported to a second end world. Now to travel from Island to Islan you will need lots of blocks, and maybe some ender pearls. Then you will need to find a village, and your best bet for that would be to travel north. End villages spawn in a line, going east to west. So if you are traveling east or west theres a good chance you will never come accross one in minecraft. So MAKE SURE you are traveling north or south.

Once you come across an end village, you are going to have to get all the way to the top of the main tower then climb your way on up to the flying boat. Once you’re in the flying boat you will then receive your Elytra. The way to find more Elytras is to find more end villages, and to do that you have to be traveling north or south. I hope this tutorial was helpful, if so leave a like comment and subscribe to my blog and other social medias!

Why I play with kbm Rocket League

If you are anywhere above platinum rank you will know how rare keyboard and mouse players are. There are supposedly a few downsides to kbm but I still can’t seem to make the switch. I tried to play on a controller a long time ago and it felt so unnatural to control my car with. I don’t know why it’s more natural for me to use something that has 4 directions, 8 sub directions rather than being able to move any way I want.

I don’t see what my potential would be as a controller player that’s why I’m up motivated to make the switch. Everyone I play with in champ rank is a controller player. I feel like there’s a skill cap when it comes to keyboard but I still don’t think I’m there.

I have seen a few grand champs who play with keyboard and still can hit any shot their heart is set on, so that’s what makes me driven to never make the switch. But if making the switch will make me a better player Quicker, I think it could be worth it.

Anyways if you are a kbm player comment to show the love, and if you use controller let me know if you think I’ll become better. I hope you are all subscribed to my YouTube and have checked out my freestyle montage.

My Montage (: link to YouTube video


What champ rank is really like….

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I sat in diamond for a longgggg time. So re hitting champ rank after a long time had passed, was a really good feeling. But after a few games of playing I knew what I was in for. I ended up playing with some people who got so mad from 1 whiff they wouldn’t move the rest of the game. I also had a game with a chat spamming di**. And his random teammate was even named #worstcommunityever.

I then went on to face 2 guys who got so mad at each other they typed all game so I ate food for 5 mine and won. Then after a couple friendly wins, I was with people who again just threw the game completely.

In all I’ve had a lot more unsportsmanlike games than I did the whole time I was in diamond. I really think the ego of a good player gets to people in this rank and I now realize it really may be the :


I hope you all are playing rocket league and are working your way up the ranks. Because now that I’m in champ I feel a big skill level difference than in diamond. Which has made me a faster player real quick. Anyways check out my YouTube channel I posted my first montage!


How to get diamonds fast 2019 -Minecraft

In my many years of playing this game, and all the hours I spent mining alone. I have found out that the basic strategy of mining forward is all it takes. In this video I speed run to get diamonds as fast as I can I’m hardcore mode, it took me about 7 minutes in the end. I ended up adding more footage of me mining because I did get luckier than most.

How to strip mine like a pro

-every time you see an ore, even coal, mine it.

-every time you hit red stone, mine in all directions at least 4 blocks

-stay on y=11 no matter what. – has been proven best height to mine

-stick to strip mines, caves kill you

-bring water bucket

-mine around lava -seems more likely

-never dig straight down

-being lots of wood for sticks

More tips will be in the video – please leave a like comment or subscribe. I need to gain a following. My account is fresh.

Minecraft – PewDiePie creates trends!

Recently the biggest YouTuber on the platform right now has been posting videos of some of our childhood favorite game Minecraft. The game is a lot more updated than it was when he initially played it on his channel, so he’s having a blast finding out everything he can do now to say the least. Anyways his fan base being almost 100million makes it capable for him to have a big enough influence than half the YouTube channels I watch posted a Minecraft video the next day.

I don’t know why this came as such a shock to me, but next thing you know I start wanting to play the game myself. This wasn’t a shock considering I almost dedicated a few whole years to that game. It made me start to realize that Minecraft truly is one of the best games to this day. The sky is the limit in the game, that makes the game forever entertaining unlike just about every other game out there. Because of this I will probably be posting Minecraft videos in the upcoming future. I hope I can influence someone else to make a return to the game and see what’s in store now!

Sorry for not posting in a few days. I’ll try and upload some extra stuff to make up for it! (:


I Hit Level 400 in Rocket League!

Hello Everyone!

I would love it if you would check out my first rocket league video. It’s 2 games of raw footage of me playing, I would like everyone’s critiques if you know any way of me getting better. I am looking for people to play with so feel free to add me on steam. I hope you enjoy the game play, and hope to see you out on the field!

Check back for more Gaming Blog Posts/Videos!

Archero – Tips for Beating Your First Stage!

In Archero dodging is your main focus, if you are paying any attention on where your bullet is you will look back and realize you got hit. The best raw advice I can give you is never watch your bullets. This was something that took me a while to be able to do but the second I realized it I ended up going on and beating stage 1 level 50 for the first time.

You will also need to know right and wrong when choosing your upgrades. If you chose stuff like orbs flying around you rather then extra forward shooting arrows you will have a much harder time. I know the rings of color look flashy, but they are only gonna cause you to get up in the monsters face so you can’t dodge incoming shots. You will need to keep your distance with all enemies until you are confident enough to be close and understand their shot patterns.

Make sure you are studying how enemies shoot and how often they do, this will allow you to be able to get close so more shots can hit. All of my beginner tips and tricks will be listed below for the people just trying to come and go without reading.

My list of beginner tips to beating stage 1 in Archero –

1. Pay attention to your dodging and not your shooting

2. Learn what upgrades are good

3. Don’t use rings if you can’t dodge

4. Study enemies shots

5. Keep your distance

6. Always get – double shot, multi shot, and ricochet

7. Dodge always so you can get damage upgrades on every 5th wave

8. Upgrade your skills before your equipment

9. Watch the ads – they will get you lots of $ fast

10. SPEND GEMS RIGHT – save them for obsidian chests (300 gems each) and never buy stuff from the merchants

These tips will surely get you on your way to that final stage of Archero, and will almost definitely help you beat beginning stages, especially stage 1. If there was anything I didn’t cover, or if this was helpful. Please leave a like, comment, and maybe even subscribe for future gaming guides. I will be posting a lot more than just Archero in the upcoming future. Stay gaming and good luck out there!


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